Grow Station Indoor Outdoor
Grow Station Indoor Outdoor
Grow Station Indoor Outdoor

Grow Station Indoor Outdoor

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This Product Comes With 48 Pints Of Organic Potting Soil , your choice of 12 Seed Packets.


A sustainable, pesticide-free garden that can go anywhere
The Ultimate Vegetable Grower takes the ease and control of a raised garden bed and mixes it with a clever, multipurpose, all-weather design. Its strong and compact frame is as portable or stationary as you choose, which allows you to start your seeds, extend your season, or tend to your plants and vegetables wherever it is most comfortable for you.



A more comfortable way to take care of yourself while you nurture your plants and vegetables
The Ultimate Grower's sturdy, heavy duty resin build and clear polycarbonate sides will keep out unwanted wind, cold, and rain. The front is covered with a roll-up net that can be lifted for optimum ventilation and closed to keep out insects, meaning you will never have to use pesticides. The grower is UV-stabilized to ensure a long life and many successful growing seasons.

The raised garden bed design allows for higher yields and ultimate control by letting you choose the soil that works best for you and your plants. Your garden will thrive thanks to great aeration, more porous soil, and no pesticides.

The garden's lifted location means easier accessibility and a more comfortable working position so you can tend to your plants and vegetables with less strain on your back and knees. Plus, with the only tool required for assembly included and an easy set-up in less than one hour, the Ultimate Vegetable Grower is built from the ground up to be a hassle-free experience.

The Vegetable Grower is 48"W x 71"H x 24"D and 48.5 lbs.

  • Great for any yard, balcony, patio, or open space.
  • UV-treated and protected against rust.
  • Earth gray frame color.
  • Easy assembly in 1-2 hours.